Here at Dress 2 Party we cater for customers from around the world, we try and do everything we can to ensure our customers shopping experience is amazing from start to finish no matter where the customer is from, we also ensure all our customers get the best deal possible. For our customers who reside outside the EU we have partnered with Premier Tax Free UK LTD ( to allow you to refund VAT which is added to most products sold in the EU. By Law non-EU residents are entitled to reclaim the VAT paid on items purchased but exported from the EU ie(you take them home with you), this is not done automatically so you must do the following;

How to shop Tax free in our store
To be eligible for a VAT refund on products bought in our store you must reside outside the EU and you must follow the steps below:

1. Ask in store for a Premier Tax Free refund Voucher & Complete the form in-store
2. Airport - Upon exiting the UK present your goods, shop receipt & Premier Tax Free Form to customs and have your Premier Tax Free form stamped.
3. Refund - Send your stamped form to Premier Tax Free in a self-addressed, prepaid envelopes. Or you may present your stamped for to one of Premier Tax Free's many cash refund locations around the world.

If you would like more information about this scheme then email or visit us in-store.