Can I wear a Black Dress for Prom

It’s time to make that all important decision about what will be your dress for prom 2023 and there is lots to consider! Will you go for a full skirted princess style or a slim and slinky tight fit? Do you want to stand out from the crowd or blend in? Is your dream dress made of layers of frothy tulle or simple satin?

However, before you even start to consider your style choices, colour is key. Whilst red and blue are the fall back colours of choice for some, as are pretty pastel hues for others, there is a new kid on the colour block to consider, and that is black. The growing trend for wearing a black prom dress is exciting but can also be tricky. Set out below are some common concerns and pointers if you are considering taking the midnight plunge!

  • Go bold or go home! Contrary to popular belief, black is not a “safe” option. If you are wearing black to prom the dress will be dramatic and should stand out. Our Melania tulle ball gown in black with its frothy bow shoulder detail is the perfect example.
  • Black is not a summer colour. The great thing about black is that it’s not a summer colour or a winter colour. A black evening or prom dress is one that you can wear in December or June. The perfect multi seasonal shade!
  • A black dress will always enhance your figure. This is true, but black is by no means the choice of only our curvy or plus size prom girls. Black will flatter most sizes, skin tones and hair colours. Bigger or smaller black is a bold and confident choice.
  • It’s a shame to wear black to prom. This can be heard in some of our prom boutiques every year, but it’s becoming an increasingly less significant concern. Lots of our black prom dresses are in young and sexy satin or lycra fabrics and have bold and daring open backs or thigh splits. It is now the sophisticated.

Whatever your colour choice for prom, remember – it’s how you wear it that counts !