Ways we will be keeping you safe in our reopened stores

  1. All customers will now require an appointment.
  2. All of our stores will have just one PRIVATE appointment in store at any one time. Yes that’s just you and all the dresses to yourself !!!
  3. We are asking customers to bring only one special guest with them to their appointment. Bigger stores may accommodate 2 on request. Additional guests are welcome to join the fun by FaceTime or Zoom.
  4. Customer hand sanitisation station will be available in each store with all customers asked to sanitise on entry.
  5. Keeping our distance. We will keep a social distance from our customers wherever possible and with your plus one ideally helping you take the gowns on and off.
  6. Our staff will have masks to wear, if you would like them to and to put on if closer contact is required.
  7. Pure air sterilisation units that disperse sanitiser in to the air every 5 minutes sterilising the air, surfaces and our dresses. Yeah!
  8. One dedicated sales assistant to assist you from start to finish on your appointment.
  9. Cleaning all fitting room areas thoroughly in between customers and steaming all dresses.

We take the health of our staff and our customers very seriously and will be making every effort to ensure that you feel safe and relaxed in our shops.

To make an appointment at one of our stores please call our Customer services number 07791360525 or email us at info@dress2party.net