I can find the same dress on a American website much cheaper. Why is your price higher ?
All shipments from US websites to the UK will attract an additional 20% VAT and 18% Customs Duty. This adds an additional 38 % to the dollar price of the dress and makes the cost the same, if not more than the UK price. Buyers are contacted by the shipping company to pay this duty before the dress will be released by customs in the UK. If you read the small print on all US websites you will see that it says that the buyer is responsible for all local taxes and duties. You should note that US websites also do not accept any returns from UK customers for any reason.

Do you give refunds for online purchases?
Yes. The dress must be returned in perfect condition and unworn within 7 days for a full refund.

If I use your payment plan to pay off for my dress , will I get my dress before I finish paying ?
No. I am afraid we are only able to send out the dress once the final payment has been made. We are happy for our customers to pay in instalments over a period of time which can be agreed, and it is an excellent way of reserving a dress for a special occasion so it is not sold out without having to pay in full at that time, but we cannot release the dress until the final payment.

Do you hire the dresses ?
No. Our dresses are stunning and exclusive high end evening and special event pieces . Dresses often need to be tailored so they fit perfectly and the length of the full length dresses need to be adjusted to individual height and take into account heel height. This would be impossible if the dresses were rented.

Where are your shops?
We have 8 shops across the UK. Details of opening times and locations can be found on the Our Stores tab on the top of our homepage.

Do you have somebody who can alter the dress if I need it ?
Yes. All of our shops have the support of an expert tailor to adjust the dresses if needed.

Do I need an apppointment to visit one of your stores?
No. No appointment is needed, we do ask that girls 16 and under bring a parent with them in order to try on dresses however.